Sites that make me laugh (not that the rest of these links necessarily don’t) (Allie appears to be having a mental health break, I hope that she gets well soon)

Artists that I quite like (that have webpages)

Fond of mostly everything here too:

Blogs I read:

Shopping sites I love: (not really for the clothes, but for the rest)

Plus so many on etsy, like catrabbit, Boojiboo, vozamer, belleandboo, johnwgolden, hidden eloise


2 Responses to Links

  1. bill christie says:

    29/7/12 – re public benefit bootery – they had stores in sa- vic- act
    in 1966 they closed their last store in adelaide and i worked for them at northland shop centre and 220 bourke in melbourne uptil 1968 – in 2005 went back to trace my youth in melbourne – and since on internet havnt been able to find out what happened to them


  2. Thanks Bill – and if anyone’s wondering what Bill’s talking about, check out my page here

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