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Random sick musings

I am sick again. I’m not super super sick — just some sort of cold I optimistically insist will not move into my sinuses — but it’s the sort that makes your brain all fuzzy, which is not that useful. I … Continue reading

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Nick Cave’s eyeliner was made for walking

So, on a whim, I was googling to see if I could find any pictures of Nick Cave smiling. And I came across (via someone called DJ Cherrybomb, here) The Boys Next Door covering These Boots Were Made For Walking. That … Continue reading

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Child prodigy midget accordion

So, I bought this. I really had no choice; I mean, LOOK at it: This is my child prodigy midget accordion. That’s really what it’s called: I have no idea how to play it as the buttons aren’t in a … Continue reading

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The drummer from The Jezabels is a genius

Been listening to The Jezabels a lot. Have decided that their drummer is a genius. I mean seriously. Listen to this, and tell me he isn’t. See? Not a whiff of “drumming by numbers” there. And the other parts, including … Continue reading

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David Bowie image searches are random

Random things I found while googling David Bowie: His sex is on fire? The context from this website got me nowhere (it was from if it helps you; it didn’t help me)

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Word association

I have had the Ricky Martin song “She Bangs” pretty much in my head for the last three weeks. Why? I keep on having a Bangs Street, Prahran, address presented to me at work, and every single time, Ricky starts up … Continue reading

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Ukulele lady

I have just tuned my new ukulele. I am queen of the world. See, I’ve always wanted to learn to play the ukulele, and I’ve always wanted a ukulele with hibiscus flowers on it, whether I learn to play or … Continue reading

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