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A Sharpie is just a texta and never believe anything on Pinterest

I’ve been kind of disappointed in my Porcelaine pen. It’s a bit hard to use and while it did a great job on the ceramic pots I painted using it, my attempts it re-marking the measurements on a worn-out old … Continue reading

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I love the internet: reason 4,589,804

Giles from Buffy played Frank-N-Furter in London in the early 90s. Yep. I discovered this while looking up something completely different on imdb, when I came across his biography, and there it was. Being part of the google generation, I … Continue reading

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Get some real power between your legs

I love and this photo helps illustrate why: I imagine the woman in the right is saying to her friend on the left, “You want to get some real power between your legs?” Either that, or “Why are you wearing … Continue reading

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Not moaning

Am home from work sick. Have a virus of some kind, feel woozy and exhausted. Ache. Dizzy. Only want to eat chocolate biscuits. But instead of whinging and moaning, here are three things I have to share with you: 1) … Continue reading

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I love Rory so much

I really do love Rory a great deal. Here are some treats I found while googling him. Pinched from Pinterest Pinterest And for the lovers out there…  Pinterest

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David Bowie image searches are random

Random things I found while googling David Bowie: His sex is on fire? The context from this website got me nowhere (it was from if it helps you; it didn’t help me)

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Want to be this lady’s friend

This is Hanna Hart. She wins today’s most awesome person award. As you know, I took a cooking class a few months ago. What I didn’t mention in the original write-up (not because I’m ashamed, but because it was an … Continue reading

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