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Almost a year later…

You might remember this post, when I complained about not having enough time in between work, the small child, and dying from various illnesses, to get everything done that I’ve been wanting to. Well, since I’ve stopped being permanently sick (thanks, … Continue reading

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I have such a desire to do everything

Maggie Stiefvater, YA author extraordinaire, recently posted this to her tumblr: “Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.” … Continue reading

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Shed makeover

As previously mentioned, I was hoping to makeover a nasty corner of our backyard. To a tacky kitsch tiki garden. My partner hated the idea. However, since it is designated as “mine”, he didn’t mind me altering the shed, which … Continue reading

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RIP hilarious tacky Tiki garden idea

We have a really miserable corner in our backyard. It includes a spider-infested garden shed and a too-low timber fence that provides an uninspiring view into the neighbours’ horrible backyard. It also, for reasons unknown, has a WINDOW into the neighbour’s … Continue reading

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Secret garden

I got lost in South Melbourne the other day. See, I parked near the market, visited the renovation places near there, and then decided that I didn’t need to drive to the other ones; I could just walk. Apparently this … Continue reading

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Melbourne city rooftop honey

I love the concept behind Melbourne City Rooftop Honey. They put hives on rooftops in urban areas, to try to help increase our local bee population, and they organise everything. Bees in other countries are in trouble, and without bees … Continue reading

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Mini ecosystems

So, we know I love a mini ecosystem. My home-made terrariums are my beloved babies (more here). But this ecosphere takes it to a whole new level: It’s an enclosed ecosystem, complete with “shrimp, algae and microbes” and has a lifespan … Continue reading

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