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Things I have been doing instead of spending this winter completely sick.

I am so happy. It’s July already and I’m not horribly ill. To explain, this is celebration-worthy because I spent the previous three winters sick. Specifically, I spent almost five full months of the middle of last year sick (with, amongst … Continue reading

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Well, that was delicious: Chocolate ice cream with mascarpone

I made mascarpone the other day. It was the easiest thing in the world: heat cream; add citric acid; let it sit. I made two tiramisus (the internet tells me that is the plural even though it looks bloody weird) and then wondered what to … Continue reading

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Allergy-friendly ice cream to turn gay for

A friend has just come back from a trip to Italy. She couldn’t eat much, being an allergy-ridden vegetarian. She couldn’t even have the gelati, as everywhere they went, they added fructose, which would help keep it softer but also make her … Continue reading

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I made Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Bacon pie

I have a new American-style cook book. It includes mostly delicious-looking, “normal” recipes for cakes and pies and stuff, which is why I bought it, but then I got it home and had a better look at it and found … Continue reading

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Quite nice food I’ve had lately (and not so lately)

Apparently this is the fifth of these I’ve done (try here, here, here and here, for previous editions). It’s quite overdue since I visited a lot of these places ages ago (and some just last week), but the whole baby thing means I just haven’t … Continue reading

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Food tour of Melbourne the second

Because we couldn’t manage to finish my very long list of places in the city and surrounds where I wanted to eat on our last visit, my friend F and I decided that we really had better go again and stuff … Continue reading

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My chicken stock; a tired and rushed recipe post

I’m going to start with apologies; I’m vaguely sick and definitely exhausted but I promised a friend I’d write her up my stock recipe and a bunch of tips AGES ago so I decided today to just write up SOMETHING. I suspect it … Continue reading

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