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Things I have been doing instead of spending this winter completely sick.

I am so happy. It’s July already and I’m not horribly ill. To explain, this is celebration-worthy because I spent the previous three winters sick. Specifically, I spent almost five full months of the middle of last year sick (with, amongst … Continue reading

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THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW Because the MOTHER-FLIPPING feature wall is finally FINISHED that’s what it MOTHER-FLIPPING IS!!!! And all I have to say is, I will never doubt the difference between proper Contact and cheaper imitations ever again. I cut the … Continue reading

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It’s your own damned house. Do whatever you like.

One of the great pleasures of home ownership is the ability to set your house up just the way you like it. Want to hang pictures on the wall? It’s not like the landlord is going to complain. Want a … Continue reading

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My accidental visit to the former Burnley Theatre

In my hunt for some cheap-but-cheerful outdoor furniture, I found myself going to Swan Street Sales, at 365 Swan Street, Richmond. I didn’t like their replica Tolix tables at all when I got there but all was forgiven because OH MY GOD, … Continue reading

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Almost a year later…

You might remember this post, when I complained about not having enough time in between work, the small child, and dying from various illnesses, to get everything done that I’ve been wanting to. Well, since I’ve stopped being permanently sick (thanks, … Continue reading

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Shed makeover

As previously mentioned, I was hoping to makeover a nasty corner of our backyard. To a tacky kitsch tiki garden. My partner hated the idea. However, since it is designated as “mine”, he didn’t mind me altering the shed, which … Continue reading

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Sticking things on things

We had a boring wall in the laundry. In fact, the whole room was boring. So I fixed it. I used a footstool instead of a proper ladder to put some of the aliens up and regretted it after I … Continue reading

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