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Things I have been doing instead of spending this winter completely sick.

I am so happy. It’s July already and I’m not horribly ill. To explain, this is celebration-worthy because I spent the previous three winters sick. Specifically, I spent almost five full months of the middle of last year sick (with, amongst … Continue reading

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Adventures in weaving

After a few years now, of seeing woven wallhangings out and about (and selling for hundreds and hundreds of dollars), I decided to learn to weave. Because a) how hard could it be? and b) surely it will come in handy … Continue reading

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Polyester melts: when sewing, belly dancing and parenting combine

You never know what random life skills are going to pop up when you have a small child. See, I used to belly dance. I was semi-professional by the end; I briefly taught and you could hire me for your party (well, if I … Continue reading

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THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW Because the MOTHER-FLIPPING feature wall is finally FINISHED that’s what it MOTHER-FLIPPING IS!!!! And all I have to say is, I will never doubt the difference between proper Contact and cheaper imitations ever again. I cut the … Continue reading

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I went to paperlicious and I loved it

I went to Unleash Creative‘s Paperlicious event last month and it was lovely. I wish I knew who made those moose statues, they’re pretty spectacular. My god, the food. And the pretty way it was displayed! And the washi tape cross stitch … Continue reading

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Almost a year later…

You might remember this post, when I complained about not having enough time in between work, the small child, and dying from various illnesses, to get everything done that I’ve been wanting to. Well, since I’ve stopped being permanently sick (thanks, … Continue reading

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A Sharpie is just a texta and never believe anything on Pinterest

I’ve been kind of disappointed in my Porcelaine pen. It’s a bit hard to use and while it did a great job on the ceramic pots I painted using it, my attempts it re-marking the measurements on a worn-out old … Continue reading

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