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Did I rave about the kids movie theatre yet? Because someone should have invented them years ago

So, Village Southland now have two special kids movie theatres. I took the small person during opening week. And I didn’t even mind that going to the movies costs a fucking fortune these days because IT WAS AWESOME. Normally taking a … Continue reading

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Adventures in weaving

After a few years now, of seeing woven wallhangings out and about (and selling for hundreds and hundreds of dollars), I decided to learn to weave. Because a) how hard could it be? and b) surely it will come in handy … Continue reading

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Grandma power 

I was on a train the other day. An Obnoxious Youth in a huge cap with a hoodie hood over it, glaring and blaring hip-hop from his phone, got on and immediately claimed a whole six-seat section of the train, … Continue reading

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Polyester melts: when sewing, belly dancing and parenting combine

You never know what random life skills are going to pop up when you have a small child. See, I used to belly dance. I was semi-professional by the end; I briefly taught and you could hire me for your party (well, if I … Continue reading

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Random sick musings

I did one of these the last time I was just wrecked by being sick. Realised it’s all I had the energy for. So what have I been up to? I’m glad you asked. Watching I’ve caught up on a … Continue reading

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Being sick is balls.

So, I had surgery last year to try to get rid of my pregnancy-related sinus issues. It was months before I was well again, since my worn-out immune system kept picking viruses up. All up, I was almost permanently sick with … Continue reading

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THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW Because the MOTHER-FLIPPING feature wall is finally FINISHED that’s what it MOTHER-FLIPPING IS!!!! And all I have to say is, I will never doubt the difference between proper Contact and cheaper imitations ever again. I cut the … Continue reading

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