Things I have been doing instead of spending this winter completely sick.

I am so happy.

It’s July already and I’m not horribly ill.

To explain, this is celebration-worthy because I spent the previous three winters sick. Specifically, I spent almost five full months of the middle of last year sick (with, amongst other things, whooping cough, even though I was vaccinated while pregnant a few years ago); and the previous winter I was at the tail end of being sick for more than 18 months.

My partner and my mum have terrible colds ATM, but me and the small child are (madly touching wood) doing fine so far this winter.

Thank fuck.

So what HAVE I been doing?

I wove a fabulous wallhanging, while experimenting with texture and different ways to do fringing, as well as teaching myself how to weave pile, soumak, twill and herringbone (herringbone was surprisingly tricky):

A showing-off zoom in so you can see all the different techniques I tried out

I also desecrated this cake stand, which a friend was given for free by an antique dealer but, since it didn’t go with her decor, asked me if I’d like. I told her I was only taking it if I could “upcycle” (read: write profanity on) the thing with a Porcelaine pen and pass it on to another friend, as a housewarming present. She just laughed and handed it to me.








I also made this mobile for my kid’s room:

I felt a bit like I was cheating because it was a project I just had to cut out from frankie magazine but it was more work than I’d expected; threading and knotting all the pieces took much longer than you’d think (and hurt my delicate office-worker fingers), while getting it to look neat, and to balance properly, also proved more difficult than I’d imagined.

I don’t think my kid’s even looked at it twice. Ah well.

American Gods.
So good. I read the book a couple of years ago (my boss was outraged that I hadn’t read it and insisted I borrow his copy) but I’d already forgotten so much of what happens, since baby brain is real and my memory doesn’t work any more, so it was full of lovely surprising bits while also not being frustratingly mysterious.

I have also watched a whole lot of anime, including, but not limited to, Black Butler, No.6, Gunslinger Girl, One Punch Man and the original Sailor Moon, which I had never actually seen before (but which the small child has fallen in love with — the only show in this list I dared try to show her). I have also watched Yuri on Ice so many times now that I think I could recite it. I refuse to feel bad about this, since it not only gets better with each rewatching, but is also made out of sunshine and rainbows.

I have also discovered the weird and wonderful world of K-Drama, encouraged by a friend of mine who keeps trying to get me into K-Pop (she even takes a K-Pop dancing class). Either way, I loved Goblin so much, I ended up buying myself a Mr Buckwheat stuffed toy  on eBay. Don’t tell anyone.

I have also been quite delighted by the new season of Doctor Who, especially since there was no flirting between the Doctor and his new lesbian companion. Most excellent.

Eating and drinking
The new Cousin Vera’s Gin from Four Pillars is fucking delicious.

So is the Pani Puri from Delhi Streets in the city. In fact, everything there is delicious. Go there. Really.

If you’re anywhere near Prahran, you need to go get a milkshake and a doughnut from Bistro Morgan. You need to. Trust me on this.

Other stuff
I have been going on school tours to work out where to send the small child next year.

I’ve been listening to a lot of the chat10looks3 podcast, because otherwise my boss is disappointed that we can’t talk about it. I wish Annabel Crabb was my friend. We would get along so well.

I have had to update to a new Macbook Pro, since mine was five years old and had a noisy, clicky damaged hard drive (possibly from all the times my kid shoved it off the couch onto the floor when she was a toddler). So far, the new one is super fast, its speakers are excellent and I love it… even though it has trouble connecting to networks and the internet and there’s some bug with the click and drag… that Apple don’t seem able to fix… ah well.

I have been to the bug lab at the Melbourne Museum, which was gorgeous; and the 1990s exhibition at the NGV, which reminded me of doing art in high school (in the 1990s); and taken my kid ice skating for the first time at the temporary rink in St Kilda.

So. Here’s hoping I don’t get sick and get to spend the rest of the winter doing and making and eating nice stuff instead of that. Yay!

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  1. Piglet says:

    Best cake stand ever

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