Did I rave about the kids movie theatre yet? Because someone should have invented them years ago

So, Village Southland now have two special kids movie theatres. I took the small person during opening week. And I didn’t even mind that going to the movies costs a fucking fortune these days because IT WAS AWESOME.

Normally taking a small kid to the movies is really fraught and most parents I know avoid it but…

  • The sound is lower!! (I always worried about that…)
  • They leave the lights on low!!
  • There’s an intermission, so your kid can go to the toilet without missing any of the movie/stretch their legs/go buy a snack etc.
  • There is no allocated seating, so your kid can wander around and sit down wherever and THAT’S FINE. Apparently they’ve changed this and now there IS allocated seating. I don’t know why. But there are also three different kinds of seats, including bean bags.screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-9-08-12-pm
  • There’s a huge SLIDE running down the side of the seating. Sure, my kid took one look at it and went “that’s way too high and scary, big pile of nope right there” but still, SO FUN.
  • There was also a play area before you went in, including colouring pages which
    you then scanned in so they could display them ON THE CINEMA SCREEN before the movie started.

Best of all, it’s all just parents with small kids, so you don’t need to spend a single second worrying that you’re disturbing anyone else. Sure, I was kind of worried that, because of this, the place would be full of screaming kids running wild, but actually, the kids were all really well behaved in the session we went to.


It leaves me with the question – why has it taken this long for this to exist? Why did it occur to nobody before?

ETA: Having re-read this I should probably specify that no, I wasn’t paid to write this or anything. I just think it was a fucking great idea and someone’s a genius.

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