Being sick is balls.

So, I had surgery last year to try to get rid of my pregnancy-related sinus issues. It was months before I was well again, since my worn-out immune system kept picking viruses up.

All up, I was almost permanently sick with a variety of things for about 18 months, and then I spent six months well. Great!

Except in the last two months I’ve had two viruses and two sinus infections.

I am so sick of sinus infections. I recognise them straight away now; the sore throat, the headache, the sore face, the pointless cough that disrupts your sleep.

But I’m looking favourably on sinus infections right now, since I have just spent the last week completely wrecked by a really fucking awful virus.

You know how there are a whole bunch of symptoms, with cold and flu, and you don’t normally get them all?

We got them all.

My child has never been really sick. The odd snotty nose, an ear infection when she was small, something that the GP described as “very weak conjunctivitis, maybe?” But she went down like a sack of potatoes with this thing, and mum and dad followed.

Heaps of her kindy class have gone down with it, apparently, and all the parents got it after them. Heaps of my friends with kids got sick too, but they didn’t get it from us, since we haven’t caught up in weeks. One child was sick for a full three weeks with it.

But it’s all the secondary stuff that happens when everyone is sick that gets you down. The house is filthy. The refrigerator’s empty. The child is frustrated because she’s ready to play now but mum and dad are still crook (you shouldn’t have COUGHED IN OUR FACES for a week, daughter).

Oh, and since everyone else was sick, my mother tried to change one of her own blown light globes. She proceeded to FALL OFF HER LADDER and FRACTURE HER LEG.

I feel especially bad because my third cousin is in town for a few weeks for work (she’s normally in America) and we haven’t gotten to do any of the fun stuff I had promised.

Screw this. Bring on another six months of being healthy.

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