Surprisingly well-known actors in kids shows

I spotted Emilia Fox (AKA Georgina Darcy) playing a minor character in the re-boot of Grandpa in My Pocket the other day. She was only on for about two seconds but they have her in all the ads. This show is not exactly the best one on telly. So that bit of casting startled me because Fox has been in all sorts of things since appearing in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice and I really would have thought she could have done better than six lines in a bad children’s show. But then, I am often startled by who turns up in children’s shows. All sorts of celebrities do cameos on Sesame Street, from Ice Cube to Nicole Kidman to Michelle Obama to Paul Rudd. But then, who wouldn’t want to be on Sesame Street? I mean, Sir Ian McKellen was on with Cookie Monster, just the other day, looking very awkward: SirIanWithCookieMonster But it’s ditto for the also-awkward Bookaboo, only the guest stars are slightly less likely to be America’s first lady. It’s more Meatloaf and Keith Allen, for instance. Oh, and Sporty Spice. But the recurring roles get me the most. David Tennant, for instance, voices a weird fairy creature in Tree Fu Tom (Grandpa in My Pocket is nothing compared to the badness that is Tree Fu Tom, which has me running to turn the TV off if I so much as hear the opening music. Worst. Show. Ever): The right honourable Stephen Fry narrates (some of) the English version of Pokoyo (fine, I don’t really like this show either, but then, I’m not its target audience): And then, of course, there’s Sir Derek Jacobi and In The Night Garden. In case you’re wondering what a Shakespearean actor sounds like speaking gibberish for the amusement of children, it’s wonderful, that’s what it is: They even used his voice for the toys. I know, because my daughter’s Makapaka doll has magnificently round vowels while it sings “Makka Pakka, Akka Wakka, Mikka Makka moo! Makka Pakka, Appa yakka, Ikka akka, oooh. Hum dum, Agga pang, Ing, ang, oooh. Makka Pakka, Akka wakka, Mikka Makka moo!” Here is a hilarious article I found on the 25 questions you will ask yourself while watching in the night garden. Because you will. Or you might do what I do, which is amuse yourself imagining that the actor inside the Iggle Piggle costume is Jacobi.  Speaking of awesome people who narrate things, Julian Clary narrates Little Princess. I have a tender spot for this ludicrous show. My partner has a theory that it isn’t actually about the inhabitants of a castle at all; the “castle” is a mental institution and everyone there is either a lunatic who believes they are royalty, or an orderly just playing along. This is all part of the show’s charm as far as I’m concerned. And, best for last, Brian Blessed plays Grampy Rabbit in the odd episode of Peppa Pig. I love that show and thank god I do, since it’s my child’s favourite. UPDATE: A friend has just berated me for forgetting all about all the local actors who have appeared on Play SchoolJustine Clarke, Alex Papps, Eddie Perfect, Georgie Parker, Deborah Mailman, Essie Davis (who I mentioned in just my last post), Brooke Satchwell, John Waters, Philip Quast. He forgot about Rhys Muldoon and Jay Laga’aia and of COURSE Noni Hazelhurst but I’ll forgive him just this once… With that I will leave you with Noni reading us all a bedtime story…

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3 Responses to Surprisingly well-known actors in kids shows

  1. Aside from Philip Quast (the definitive Javert), my favourite Play School presenter is Rachael Coopes because I was a huge fan of Life Support (which also starred the brilliant Brendan Cowell).

  2. Piglet says:

    Ringo Star – the original tank

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