Random sick musings

I am sick again. I’m not super super sick — just some sort of cold I optimistically insist will not move into my sinuses — but it’s the sort that makes your brain all fuzzy, which is not that useful.

I do not have the brain power to finish the six or so half-done blog posts I have lined up in my drafts.

Instead, here are some random sick musings relating to things I have been doing or thinking about.

First and foremost, today is the second anniversary of the birth and death of one of my cousins. He has a baby brother now. It seems so strange that his baby brother is so much bigger than his older brother ever was, but the death of a child is a bit like that.

I have been trying to read Church of Marvels but have decided, a third of the way in, to give it up as a bad job. I just don’t care about any of the characters. Also, it’s written in this suspenseful way where time jumps around and backstory is revealed but you’re not sure whose backstory it is; except, because the writing is kind of dreamy, it isn’t building suspense so it’s just annoying me, rather than keeping me on the edge of my seat to find out whose secrets these are.

I’ve been catching up on the new Miss Fisher while I’ve been ill. I’ve read every one of the books and thoroughly enjoyed them and the TV series is a lovely sort of supplement to them, even if it’s not quite them. Something that did occur to me the other day, though, which I was very pleased about, was that the Phryne of the books is in her mid/late 20s, while Essie Davis (who plays her in the show), is in her mid-40s. It just makes me happy that they made her older in the TV series as it’s so often the other way around.

I also love the Melbourne locations. Aunt Prudence’s house is blatantly and unapologetically Ripponlea, which I both find distracting but also wonderful. It reminds me of watching Love and other Catastrophes, which anyone who went to Melbourne uni in the 90s spent going “ooh, that’s the south lawn! That’s the law quad! That’s Elizabeth Street!” etc etc

Apparently they made a sequel series to The Mysterious Cities of Gold a couple of years ago. But learning that didn’t quite blow me away as much as finding out that they gave the original series a different soundtrack for the western version. It seems so strange that that iconic score was not the score that Japanese children listened to. While I couldn’t find it anywhere online to listen to, here’s the Japanese version of the opening sequence that someone kindly posted on YouTube.

Wow. Wrongtown.

Go home now
I have been listening to a new band I found, Sparrow and the Workshop, a lot. Their song “Soft Sound of Your Voice” was the first one I heard and it reminded me a bit of Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. Here is a fantastic acoustic live version of it that they did for a radio station:

L@tDBL – Sparrow and the Workshop – The Soft Sound of your Voice from Precious Productions on Vimeo.

I might go have a nap now…

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