Quite nice food I’ve had lately (and not so lately)

Apparently this is the fifth of these I’ve done (try hereherehere and here, for previous editions). It’s quite overdue since I visited a lot of these places ages ago (and some just last week), but the whole baby thing means I just haven’t had time to write about the lovely food I’ve been having out and about.

Mostly I’m finally finishing this long-drafted post NOW because I’m having surgery next week and, in case I DIE, I want you to all know how nice these places are and that you should go. I want to go back to every single one of them (and often have, much to the dismay of my bank balance).

Top Paddock in Richmond (this is from quite a while ago, sorry)




Storm in a Teacup in Collingwood


StormInAteacupDino StormInAteacupLunch StormInAteacupMenu StormInAteacupReadingMaterialPlusBigCats

Daniel Son in Murrumbeena

DanielSonDanielSonDominosLuxBite (their Toorak store is just STUNNING, look at it!!!! Their tiny CBD shopfront is so different)

LuxBiteLightFittingLuxBiteStripesLuxBiteStillLifeLuxBiteCakes2 LuxBiteCakes3LuxBiteLollyBagCakeLuxBiteIceCoffeeLuxBiteCakes

 Tivoli Street Bakery in South Yarra

TivoliStreetBakeryYum(Mmmm, slaw. But get the doughnuts. SERIOUSLY)

The Black Squirrel in Sandringham

Black Squirrel Burger They do their own cold drip coffee and it’s lovely

Black SquirrelClement at the South Melbourne market (god, those DOUGHNUTS)


The new Mork cafe in North Melbourne

Mork shopfront Mork plants Mork hot chocolate My friend ordered the smoked hot chocolate and I was jealous.

Mork smokes chocolate Mork Cakes

Sierra Tango in Cheltenham, where they have handsome men playing atmospheric gypsy (almost tango-like, you might say) music on Tuesday nights (and Saturdays as well, I think they said)

SierraTango SierraTangoDessertThe Kettle Black in South Melbourne (I went before Christmas but dream of going again)

KettleBlackKettleBlackMushrooms KettleBlackCakesYum. YUM.

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2 Responses to Quite nice food I’ve had lately (and not so lately)

  1. I recognise that egg eating hippie at Storm in a Teacup!!

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