Food tour of Melbourne the second

Because we couldn’t manage to finish my very long list of places in the city and surrounds where I wanted to eat on our last visit, my friend F and I decided that we really had better go again and stuff our faces some more, before I went back to work.

Have been too busy to post this so it’s whatever the blogging equivalent of a #latergram is (is there a word for that? there should be). Anyway, we managed to make it back to Short Stop and it was bloody worth the trip. Yum.

They are so unpretentious, I love it. They’re not pretending to be anything other than a doughnut place. The coffee comes in black or white (and is good). The staff were lovely. The flavours are interesting. The shop is nice.

Brilliant. Yum.

Then we went up to Lygon Street (we both went to Melbourne uni so the tram ride felt nicely nostalgic) to visit Pidapipo‘s new permanent shop (the previous one was a pop-up). Much like Short Stop, we had attempted to go before and they’d been randomly closed. Much like Short Stop, it was so bloody worth the trip back.


Cute tables!!!!



They just rated a mention as one of the best gelato places in Melbourne, which they have well earned.

They have a nutella tap. Really.

We had a wander in Readings and Gewurzhaus, spent too much money (as usual) in King and Godfrey, then went back to the CBD for lunch only to find the place I wasn’t too sure about eating at was… closed. It looked shit anyway, to be honest, and so we grabbed something to eat somewhere else and since we were right near Madame Brussels by that point and neither of us had been there for years, we went “fuck it” and climbed on up.


Bloody good way to while away a child-free afternoon.

I was back at work the next week, but I had ticked Pidapipo and Short Stop off my list and spent another lovely day with my friend so all in all, I went back happy 🙂

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6 Responses to Food tour of Melbourne the second

  1. Hungrycookie says:

    Been wanting to try short stop for ages, but its always closed when I try!

    • It’s worth trying again. I checked their social media this time, before we went, to make sure they’d be open. If they hadn’t been, well, at least we could have gotten an ice cream at N2!

  2. OMG – so jealous! I’d give a kidney to be able to have a lovely Melbourne day like this!

    Much love from Bangladesh, the home of zero coffee shops and zero nice places to visit

    *sad face

    I’m off to eat another bloody samosa.

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