Food tour of Melbourne

I have a few weeks off work but the toddler is still booked into childcare (you have to pay whether they go or not). I spent the first precious work-free, child-free day getting over gastro (as previously mentioned I have been constantly sick sick sick bloody sick) but then last week, on day two of precious me-time, I went into the CBD with a friend.

I never go into the CBD any more, so it’s become sort of a treat. When I do go, I usually have a long list of places that I want to go. This time around, they were ALL FOOD, and since my friend also loves to eat, it all worked out quite happily 🙂

First stop this time was Lux Bites at The Archway, which is a new foodie concept thing, in an old building that’s been done up to help invigorate that part of the CBD. Except it turns out that even though The Archway was supposed to be finished already (at least, their website and some of the press I saw about it gave me that impression), it isn’t. Lots of brown paper going on to hide the building works inside:


Ah well. I can’t blame them for not rushing to get this ready, given that that part of the CBD is not really ready to be invigorated — heaps of the blocks around The Archway are development sites, new office towers and blocks of apartments, etc.

But Lux Bites was lovely.

Archway ArchwayArchway


As you can see, this new Lux Bites store was as attractive and as full of goodies, as their Toorak store, if super tiny and with nowhere to sit (you’re apparently welcome to eat your cakes at the cafe next door, where they will also make you a coffee).

We decided to just buy some treats and head to the next place on my list, which was the Cacao Lab at the new Strand redevelopment.

We had very lab-like iced coffee and crazy eclairs — I had a bubblegum on with some clever pikachu-related name and my friend had something related to caramel popcorn…

CacaoEclaires  CacaoIcedChoc

Gorgeous store…

CacaoFloral   CacaoWindow

We nipped into Wunderkammer while we were more or less in the area because I hadn’t been there for years. Terrifying and awesome.

Wunderkammer WunderkammerDevilFishWunderkammerPerfectEnema WunderkammerSkeleton

Then it was off to search out some doughnuts at Shortstop… Except that they’d closed already for the holidays 😥

ShortStop ShortStopEmpty

But it wasn’t all a loss because you know I have a thing for street art, and those laneways are little secret treasure troves 🙂

McLeanAlley McLeanAlley2 McLeanAlley3 McLeanAlley4

And we found this amazing little place, Krimper, hiding away nearby, where we had lunch. It used to be a furniture manufacturing place, and they’ve left little hints of it everywhere, it was really cool.


And to finish off, gelati at the Spring Street Grocer. I had “panettone with Strega” and it was AMAZING.SpringStreetGrocerGelatiI bought stinky cheese, too. Yum… 🙂

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