Have been sick for the last two months. Caught a month-long virus from my boss, who got it from our receptionist’s son. That turned into two weeks of tonsillitis quickly followed by a new virus, which lasted one week, then another new one that started up literally the next day with different symptoms.

Or possibly it was all just the one virus that showed one lot of symptoms, then morphed into something else, then let you feel like you were getting better before turning into something else, then did it again. Just to be a jerk.

Hate being sick.

I have actually not been well for an entire seven days in a row since my child started childcare. I think the record was five days. And when I wasn’t sick, my partner was.

The bug I have right now is mostly just showing itself as a supremely blocked nose that bursts out with green snot intermittently. I can’t actually taste my food at the moment, so I’m learning all sorts of things about food texture. I ate some quite strong blue cheese yesterday that I couldn’t taste at all, but it had this amazing creamy texture. Meanwhile the cheddar, which would normally be my staple cheese, was all knobbly and gritty.

Hey, at least I’m learning something…

PS Yes I know I have whinged before that I hate being sick. But all those times I was trying to be positive. How can I be positive this time? I HAVE BASICALLY BEEN SICK FOR EIGHT MONTHS

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