A Sharpie is just a texta and never believe anything on Pinterest

I’ve been kind of disappointed in my Porcelaine pen. It’s a bit hard to use and while it did a great job on the ceramic pots I painted using it, my attempts it re-marking the measurements on a worn-out old Pyrex jug washed off and moved and went wonky after a few goes in the dishwasher. Not that it’s actually meant to be used on Pyrex, so it’s a bit unfair, but still.

And I had seen on Pinterest that you can totally just mark ceramics using a Sharpie. So I decided to try this whole thing out. 


On the left, we have a mug written on using the proper Porcelaine pen, and on the right, using a Sharpie. I baked them both as per the directions from the manufacturer/Pinterest, and yes, I stole that design from mugs I’d seen on Pinterest.

And the jury has come to a decision; the suggestion that you can draw/write on ceramics with a Sharpie and get just as good a result as with a proper porcelaine pen is absolute nonsense, both with coverage quality and longevity.
TheresAchanceMugcomingoffAfter just one day’s light use, the sharpie-marked mug looks like exactly what it is: a mug someone took a texta to. As you can see. 

Pinterest fail.

Ah well. I’ll just go over it with my Porcelaine pen… 🙂  

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