Happy Mother’s day! Here’s something pink. Clean the house!

I have been so frustrated and annoyed by some of the stupid crap advertising around Mother’s Day this year.

For instance, look at this “Super Freakin Awesome Mothers Day Deal” (sic) from DesignByThem. One of my friends posted about it somewhere. It’s DesignByThem’s Dial Hanger hook, discounted for Mother’s Day… but only in pink.

The hook comes in five other colours, but your mum is supposed to have the pink one because she has a vagina.

And T2’s Mother’s Day range? You can have teas named Ruby, Fuchsia or Rose, and teacups in Flamingo or Magenta, accessorised with “pretty in pink” “fun” infusers.

Apparently we’ve moved from telling little girls they have to have pink, and only pink, to telling their mums that too. How super freaking awesome.

But the cake has been taken by Myer, who I saw the other day have included a whole display in the women’s section of their Southland store of suggested Mother’s Day gifts:


Why, yes, the products pictured ARE all cleaning products. I’m so glad you noticed!

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Did Tony Abbott design this display??? Is this what his wife is getting???

There was some gardening stuff in there too, but the bit that got me was that this was in the middle of the fashion section. They couldn’t have found some fricking SCARVES to put on there? Some SLIPPERS? A bloody wallet or two?

Also, as if ANY partner is going to go “why, yes! I WILL get the mother of my children that fetching dustpan and brush as her Mother’s Day present! Look at the flower on it!” without expecting to have it bashed over his head when she opens it on Sunday.

So what the hell is the purpose of this? SOMEONE TELL ME.


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