Royal commemorative mugs that I wish existed

A few of our mugs have broken over the years and I’ve decided we need some new ones. I’ve had a look around and geez there are a lot of boring and/or ugly mugs for sale.

So I’ve decided I might as well go the hilarious option and get us some kitsch royal commemorative mugs because hilarious.

I’ve been looking and these ones are ok:

From etsy. I’m not telling you where as I think I want this one. UPDATE: Some bastard bought this while I was writing my blog post!!! That’ll teach me to frig around…

This one gets more points for hilarity — look at the cherubs with their pink and blue ribbons! — but it looks a bit fragile and I don’t like the fluting up the top. It’s from this etsy listing here

But I’ve realised I really just want one with the queen mum drinking a G&T on it and smiling prettily in a big hat.

Or possibly one with Helena Bonham-Carter eating chocolates in a fancy car while pretending to be the queen mother, and Colin Firth covering her cheek with kisses while she giggles uncontrollably. If that could be captured on a mug.

But most of all, I want one with Wallis Simpson on it, with “not the queen” in a ribbon underneath. Or maybe “Commemorating the not coronation of That Woman”.

Or, you know, something similar.

These are the times that I wish I was better at drawing. Or photoshop.

UPDATE: So yeah, um, about that… turns out my photoshop skills were adequate.

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