Being single can be so much better than some of the alternatives

Years ago, when I was single and had been for quite a while, I picked up a guy at a party who was perfectly fine but I didn’t actually fancy.

It was an experiment in seeing if I was actually being too picky, after hearing multiple friends saying that you can learn to fancy someone after you get to know them, and I should stop waiting for an immediate connection. That I needed to give more blokes “a chance”.

So, I went out to dinner with him. We went for a walk afterwards and he told an anecdote about a friend picking a plug of poo out of their ass to clear up their constipation.

I decided after that, that being single was fine. I had actually always thought so, and still do, but it’s good to be reminded of these things.

I had forgotten all about this particular story until just then, when a friend complained about a bad date she’d been on and said it just reminds you that being single is better than excruciating badness.

Hugs to all my single friends (the ones who don’t want to be, anyway), and keep hold of the thought that being single is better than some of the alternatives.

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