Shed makeover

As previously mentioned, I was hoping to makeover a nasty corner of our backyard. To a tacky kitsch tiki garden.

My partner hated the idea. However, since it is designated as “mine”, he didn’t mind me altering the shed, which was the main aesthetic problem in said yucky corner.

So, I made it over.




And the inside, too! Before:



ShedInsideAfterAm considering putting astroturf down on the floor. But I’m not sure my gardening tools  and pots etc really deserve it…

If you’re interested, this really wasn’t expensive. Less than $200 all up, even if you have to buy paintbrushes, etc. The bamboo cladding stuff was $90, the leis were $20 ($2 each from a $2 shop), the silly cardboard decorations and the plastic bunting cost bugger-all from Lombards and the paint was $30, but I didn’t even use half of it. All sorts of things are now going to be painted purple around our place…

It also wasn’t time consuming. The bamboo just had to be cable-tied to the shed’s metal frame, and painting/preparing for painting was also quite quick since there wasn’t much area to actually paint. All up, I think it took three short afternoon sessions in between the baby’s naps; she pottered around the garden while I worked.


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