Sticking things on things

We had a boring wall in the laundry. In fact, the whole room was boring. So I fixed it.


I used a footstool instead of a proper ladder to put some of the aliens up and regretted it after I fell off.


But to be honest, I didn’t regret it that much. Because I bloody love the result. I would have just bought a decal set but they all come in horrible colours. Whereas making your own, in pretty florals, is hilarious.

SpaceInvaderFloral SpaceInvaderShipI used Dailylike adhesive fabric sheets from their Amazon listings.

The Engrish description on there was very enjoyable (“You can use the Fabric Sticker for decorating of book, diary covers and pencil cases or any other items like any products. The product that be produced of paper, backside of the product that you are able to draw as much as you wanted then you cut them, you can do making clearly whatever you would like to make, it can be DIY”) but didn’t make me smile as much as their packaging:


Knowing the way to hear a part of daily life daily like.


My mother-in-law asked why space invaders for the laundry. I told her that there was a Futurama episode where space invaders invade because they need quarters to do their laundry.

That is not the reason.

We just needed more 80s computer game stuff in our house. I’m not sure anyone but someone of our generation would understand.

I bought extra fabric sheets so that I could use the rest on my child’s boring, boring roman blinds. I was sick of their white dullness AND the three or four marks that were marring their boring whiteness, and I was going to just paint a pattern on them, but the adhesive fabric idea seduced me. 
CirclesI’m so pleased. But they’re not done yet. I’ve ordered more. Very excited.

In other news about sticking things on things, I also did a washi tape Christmas tree this year. A proper tree just seemed like a tease for the little person.


OK, I taped some ornaments up there too. I’m not made of stone.

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