These are delicious

Quick post; had to rave about how delicious the things I’m currently drinking are.

The following things are great (have had to use all their official pictures rather than my own as wordpress won’t load pictures lately. Annoying, but I can console myself that they’re better than my own pictures, at any rate):

T2’s “Toasty Warm” oolong tea and their Southern Sunrise tisane:

I’ve been having it iced (well, chilled – it doesn’t need sugar or anything else)

LuxBite Salted Caramel & Mörk Chocolate

This is fucking amazing. But the jar of caramel should really be bigger, as I kind of ate the rest after just two cups. It’s great in coffee. And off a spoon. Also, the instructions say to use three teaspoons of cocoa mix; I found that to be way too much.

Melbourne Gin Company gin (yes, we finally got to booze)

It’s delicious. And I don’t drink shit gin, so trust me. Mmmmmmm……

That is all. Carry on.

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