Huggies pissed me off again

Huggies’ marketing and packaging regularly pisses me off. As previously mentioned.

Despite this, I’m on their mailing list because when they aren’t being tools, some of their information is quite good. They sent an email out last month, though, that just made me want to punch something. Instead I tweeted to them angrily:



Probably not surprisingly, I didn’t get a reply. Meh.

But here’s the latest thing that made me want to poo on their lawn.

Exhibit A: The boys’ “Junior” nappy packagingHuggiesBoysLikeTrucks

Exhibit B: The girls’ version of the same product

HuggiesGirlsLikePinkBoys like trucks. Girls like pink.

The worst part about the one for girls? That “…and green… and yellow”. It’s like someone said to them “Dude, you can’t write that girls like pink. People are going to say it’s sexist.” So they went “Oh. Ok, what if we add some more colours?” And then they all gave each other high fives going “nailed it”.

Stop it, Huggies. You’re pissing me off.

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