Here are some pictures of Stevie Nicks

In the middle of writing a post I am bored with. And have been bored with it for weeks. Not sure I can be bothered finishing it, it just depresses me.

So instead, apropos of nothing, here are some random Australian-themed pictures of Stevie Nicks I found while googling no such thing.

Stevie with cockatoo!

Yes, I pinched this pic. From something called, but since I doubt that they own the copyright I don’t care.

Stevie doing karate with a cyan-wearing Australian champion!

And for bonus points, a cockatoo dancing to “Edge of Seventeen” that you end up with when you try to work out what’s with the cockatoo photo shoot

I’m going to stop googling now. I’ve decided I don’t want to know what’s with the Australiana. It’s great all by itself.

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