Make sure to tire out the baby so that they will sleep.

Do not overtire the baby or they won’t sleep.

Never wake a sleeping baby.

Wake your newborn at regular intervals for feeds.

Do not let your baby feed-to-sleep, as it will create a sleep association, which is bad.

Sing to your baby before they fall asleep.

Do not sing your baby to sleep, as it will create a sleep association, which is bad.

Sleep associations help your baby sleep.

A dummy can be a great comfort for a baby.

Dummies cause problems and should never be used.

A small blanket or soft toy in the cot can act as a comforter and help a baby resettle themselves.

Never put toys in the cot as they will stop a child from realising the cot is for sleeping rather than playing. Also, they can suffocate.

Use a night light so the baby can see where they are.

Babies must sleep in absolute darkness.

Feed the baby whenever they wake up.

Never reward a baby for waking in the night by feeding it.

Never burp a baby after or during a night feed, because they will wake up too much.

Always burp a baby after a feed; for up to an hour, if you need to.

Babies don’t actually need to be burped, it’s a myth.

If a baby wakes up in the night, it’s because it needs to burp.

If the baby wakes up from its nap early, pick it up right away.

Do not pick the baby up if they wake early, but just let them cry.

Never let a child cry themselves to sleep.

Leave the baby to cry for a set amount of time.

Let the baby cry as long as it is only protesting, not doing “emotional crying”.

Breast-fed babies sleep just as well as bottle-fed babies.

Bottle-fed babies sleep better.

Breast-fed babies sleep better once they start on solids.

Neither solids nor formula will help your baby sleep better.

Potato is a good first vegetable to start babies on.

Potato is hard for babies to digest.

Carrot is a good first vegetable to start babies on.

Carrot can constipate your baby.

Pear can constipate your baby.

Pear can help your baby poo.

Any new food can constipate your baby.

If your baby starting solids is constipated, give them prune juice.

Do not give prune juice to a baby under nine months old, because it will irritate their young bowels too much.

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