I am not just the one thing (and you can’t make me be, nyah nyah)

I am going to premise this blog post with the fact that I love my baby. I think she’s awesome.

But frankly, bullshit like this sort of thing makes me want to puke my fucking guts out:

It’s the slogan that does it – in case you can’t read it (sorry, posting this using one hand on my mobile, couldn’t touch up the image), it says “You’re my whole world”.

My favourite version of this is when you go to push in the “handles” of the box and the woman’s eyes disappear. Just to, you know, efface her identity even more completely:


I find this sort of message disturbing, sexist and offensive. I now see it everywhere and I’m getting pretty sick of it.

I am not just the one thing. As much as I adore bub and, currently, being only nine weeks old, she is taking up quite nearly every second of my waking life, she is not my entire world. And nor should she be.

I am a person, not just a mother. I have interests and beliefs and goals. I have a partner. I have friends and colleagues and a job to get back to, once I’m confident that bub’s old enough to go into care. I am, as a friend once called me, multifaceted.

The idea that mothers lose all of that as soon as they gain their new name — “mum” — is just farcical. And annoying. Stop it, advertisers, you’re getting on my nerves.

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3 Responses to I am not just the one thing (and you can’t make me be, nyah nyah)

  1. rodken says:

    Darling, I so agree. What is this, the nineteen fucking fifties? Other hated things pertaining to reproduction are: “yummy mummies”, “soccer mums”, “monster-in-law”. All of them define women entirely via their fecundity. And why are their no equivalents for fathers? Is it because Daddy’s life revolves around other things (going out to work etc.), and just makes cameo appearances in his children’s lives after the all important fertilisation stage? Why aren’t there bloody men on the bloody nappy box? Ooh, I m cross now.

    • I know! infuriating! and here I am, expected to now start every second sentence with the phrase “as a mother…” while my partner’s expected to what? Bumble around like an idiot while I shake my head fondly at his incompetence? Go get takeaway in a bucket to “give mum a break”? These people have no grasp of reality and keep trying to perpetuate crap that didn’t even exist in the 1950s

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