I can’t believe this is going to be over soon: The renovations edition

You know how I said that I couldn’t quite believe I was going to stop being pregnant in a few weeks?

I will also no longer live in a renovator’s delight in a few weeks.


After all the fuss we had, it started to feel like we were stuck with our run down, depressing and hugely frustrating house forever. It not only drove us mad, but it delayed our plans to start a family. We finally started to talk about selling, if we couldn’t manage to find someone to fix the damned thing for us soon.

The thing is, we’d never planned to buy a renovator’s delight in the first place — I’d helped my mum do a big renovation when I was a teenager, and then organised a bathroom overhaul myself at her place when I was about 21, and never really wanted to do it again.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t resist the location of the house for family reasons; and we’d also been looking for nearly two years, and had more or less given up on finding what we wanted. A huge amount of Melbourne’s housing stock is run down — it’s much easier to find a knock-down job or a renovator than it is to find a liveable house that ticks all your boxes; especially if you’re very particular, like us.

The fact that we were looking in the middle of a really fast-moving boom also didn’t help (heaps of properties would be in our price range at the beginning of a sales campaign, for instance, but then three weeks later, when we were getting ready to bid at the auction, it would be $70,000 out of it).

And we genuinely did mean to start renovating our place immediately. Our architect certainly told us that we’d be out within six months (in the end, six months later we didn’t even have preliminary concept plans from him that included everything we’d asked for, but still).

And now, finally, after more than three and a half years of getting nowhere fast, and four months of surprisingly fast renovations, the house is nearly done.

No more barely-usable bathroom; no more kitchen that regularly had me in tears (my partner got so angry with one particular cupboard door one day that he accidentally ripped it off its hinges); no more diarrhoea-coloured walls or disgusting stained lounge room carpet that I doubt was ever nice, even when it was new.

But you know what else? It will be just so awesome to be able to enjoy our house, not only because it will now be functional and pleasant rather than rage-inducing, but because we will no longer have the spectre of impending building works looming over us. We can get on with all the things we couldn’t do and have before, when we knew we were moving out “soon”.

And I’ll have to change my blog’s “about” page 🙂

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2 Responses to I can’t believe this is going to be over soon: The renovations edition

  1. rodken says:

    If timing goes to plan, you should be “experiencing the joys” just as you take your first bag back!

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