I can’t believe this is going to be over soon

I’m 38 and a half weeks pregnant. That’s full term.

Which means two things.

At some point in the next three weeks, I get to meet my daughter.

But a side effect of this is that at some point in the next three weeks, I will stop being pregnant.

I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, whilst simultaneously I guess it’s gone really quickly. I’ve had a really easy pregnancy, with no major health issues. I didn’t even have morning sickness; nothing much more than some minor inconveniences, really. But in a few weeks, they’ll presumably be gone.

No more weird digestive problems. No more nasal congestion. No more puffy hands and feet. No more being pummelled in my internal organs by minuscule fists of fury (she’s very active). No more baby hiccups. No more Braxton Hicks (I don’t know why they say it doesn’t hurt. Mine did). No more suddenly getting puffed while sitting completely still. No more misjudging how big my belly is and bumping it against things when I try to walk through narrow gaps.

I’ll be able to eat everything I’ve missed. Lie on my back/front/left side. Snuggle properly with my partner in bed. Hell, I’ll be able to hug anyone normally rather than trying to get around my bump. I can start wearing my normal clothes again. I’ll be able to look down and actually see my feet. I’ll be able to ride my exercise bike and walk quickly without horrifying pelvic pain.

I’ll be woken by a crying baby rather than numb limbs or hip pain.


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