Icy poles

It’s very important, when you go to IKEA, to buy one random, nonsensical and cheap item. In my case, the other week, we went to buy light fittings and I also bought these icy pole moulds for a whopping $3. I got the pink ones:I was especially keen on them since the very morning of the day we went, I had read Pip Lilcolne’s justb article on adult icy poles AND Up The Duff had suggested sucking on ice cubes and Frosty Fruits once you go into the first stage of labour.

Have been experimenting with flavours. The first I tried was mashed up blackberries and raspberries (which really should have been pureed properly), with a splash of elderflower cordial to get into all the nooks and crannies. It was ok:

This one was mango puree:

It could have done with a little straining, it had some stringy bits; but it was nowhere near as bad as the pineapple ones I made, which DEFINITELY needed straining.

The best ones so far have been the raspberry cordial ones, using the cordial I made the other day. They exploded slightly in the freezer though (I’ll use water next time instead of soda water, to dilute!):
That one on the right, that clearly didn’t explode, was half fresh pink grapefruit juice, half raspberry cordial. It was also delicious. I think I’ll make that one again.

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2 Responses to Icy poles

  1. Prue says:

    They look great Lisa!

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