I had energy. It went away, but I had it

I had a big burst of energy last week.

It went away.

It’s probably a good thing — a Woman In My Condition should be resting and nothing makes you rest like the exhaustion and listlessness I am currently feeling.

But that energy was so handy, as both my partner and mum were sick and someone needed to do the dishes and organise the food, etc. Even if she is on the look out for breaking waters.

It may have just been leftover adrenalin from being so stressed at work during those last few weeks; trying to organise all the last-minute baby things AND do renovation stuff
AND try to keep my brain together enough to work full-time and coherently train my replacement was all a bit much, looking back, given that I’ve slept through the night a grand total of maybe twice in the last five months.

Anyway, during my energy burst, I made heaps of food (which I am grateful for, since I have since been eating my way through it all, now that my enthusiasm for cooking died in the ass) including:

These Oreo cupcakes (as ever, click on any of the pics if you want a closer look). Each had a biscuit surprise in the bottom:

The mixture looked bloody delicious:

Although the recipe made twice as many cupcakes as it was supposed to, and it had a confusing reference to an “extra” packet of oreos that weren’t in the ingredients list. Thank goodness I had actually bought an extra packet, since you did need them.

The icing was absolutely fantastic, though. Yum.

And I made Raspberry Lemonade Slice. The biscuit base looked nice:

And the filling looked promising:

But the slice itself was a bit disappointing. I don’t know, I think I might have overcooked it, or maybe there just wasn’t enough lemon juice, but it just wasn’t… tangy enough.

My partner wasn’t really into it either, so some of it went in the freezer and a lot of it went to work with mum.

One plus side to it, though, was that I had raspberry pulp leftover from straining out the juice for the slice, which I used to make cordial (I hate to waste fruit pulp. Normally I would have used it to infuse vodka, but I’m, you know, pregnant):

Best cordial ever, btw. Wish I knew how much fruit I’d used so I could replicate it…

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