Secret garden

I got lost in South Melbourne the other day. See, I parked near the market, visited the renovation places near there, and then decided that I didn’t need to drive to the other ones; I could just walk.

Apparently this was not the case, however.

Not only was it a really long walk for a pregnant woman, the street signs were bad, and I missed the road I was supposed to turn at and ended up at a spooky, deserted industrial area. And then a brothel (with people leaving it at 11 in the morning; god, I hope they were cleaners or that’s really sad).

But then I found a secret edible garden around Map Coffee’s HQ!

It started with herbs:

Then citrus trees and veggies

And I was really, really impressed until I started to suspect that no one is actually harvesting any of this stuff. Heaps of fruit was just lying around, for instance, rotting:

Which seems wasteful and obscene to me. And odd, since the garden is quite clearly well taken care of. Mysterious.

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