Finally, some energy for baking

I’ve been horribly sick for over two weeks and was exhausted for ages before that because of the pregnancy. I have therefore done very little cooking – but tonight I finally had some energy, and some pent-up cooking desire, so I made brownie sandwich cookies with salted caramel creme filling.

Baking the cookies

Filling the cookies with the caramel “creme”.

The filling wasn’t that caramel-y in the end. I don’t think I made strong enough caramel (I made more of a dulce de leche, really, which may have been the problem).

The cookies, ready to eat. They were extremely sweet and rich, despite the weak caramel.

Incidentally, I took my gestational diabetes test the other day; I find out tomorrow if I have it. My partner pointed out that if I didn’t have it yet, eating those cookies tonight may have done the trick. Ah well …

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