I have just discovered the Whoopie Pie Bakery, in Camberwell.

The interwebs suggests it arrived on Burke Road in June (I wouldn’t know, I very rarely end up in that part of town).

Either way:


UPDATE: Verdict? They were great. The one with the chocolate chips was my favourite. But put them in an airtight container if you don’t eat them all at once, they’ll dry out a bit if you don’t, due to their nature as tiny cakey things.

The peanut butter one was a bit strongly flavoured for my taste, but then, I don’t love peanut butter, so I’m sure it would be awesome for someone who does. Meanwhile, the salted caramel one didn’t taste that salty to me (in fact, I couldn’t even figure out which one was the salted caramel one in my bakers’ dozen of cakey goodness); in this case, the lack of salt that was a good thing, since I don’t actually like salty sweets, but it would have been nice if the caramel had been stronger.

All in all, yum. And I liked that it was open on a Thursday evening, which is when I was there.

UPDATE: Have just found out that these guys closed a few months later. Such a shame 😦

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