I didn’t even get to the booze

I’ve covered the things that I plan to eat, both savoury and sweet, once I’m no longer pregnant. Then I covered the things I forgot.

But the booze. Oh, the booze. While I can pretty much start eating whatever I want again once the baby’s out, I don’t really get to start drinking again until I’ve stopped breastfeeding every two hours.

And I could so use a drink.

So, I couldn’t resist, when I saw this at the bottle shop:

I  mean, it’s three of my favourite things — vodka, tea and elderflowers. Yum. I’m planning to have it with pear liquor; although all the suggested recipes on their site sound pretty good too 🙂

I should point out that my purchase of this was completely egged on by my partner, who saw my longing look and said “let’s just put it away until you can have it. It can be a treat to look forward to!”

I am also going to drink a whole heap of champagne. Preferably French. Starting with a bottle of Dom Perignon that my mum has decided she’s buying me as a “baby present”. She even suggested that I drink the whole thing myself if I don’t feel like sharing — though I don’t think that getting completely smashed on an extremely fine vintage champagne is the optimal good use of it. Champagne’s made for sharing.

The last time mum and I had Dom

Other bubbly things I shall drink include pear cider. Specifically, Gypsy, made by 2 Brothers Brewery, which is my favourite because it’s not too sweet (some of them are just sickly).

And lastly, a billion cocktails. I dream of cocktails. The more ridiculous-looking the better. I want cocktail umbrellas, and mini tropical fruit kebabs on little plastic swords, and maraschino cherries.


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4 Responses to I didn’t even get to the booze

  1. Kim Woods says:

    I want a nice chocolatey dark beer when I can drink again. God, I REALLY want one. And a capricciosa pizza, with extra ham!!

  2. Prue says:

    That vodka looks amazing! I might have to add some to the 2013 collection and will definitely join you in the post-baby cocktail deliciousness 🙂

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