I forgot these. I shall eat them.

I already covered all of the things I am looking forward to stuffing in my face once this baby comes out (that link takes you to the savoury post, so here’s the sweet one); but I realised that I forgot two very important things.

The first being soft serve.

Specifically, a sherbert cone from Wendy’s, which is the only way I’ve consumed soft serve for years (once in a blue moon, mind, which is how often I’m near a Wendy’s)


The second is anything with the pregnancy-forbidden ricotta in it. Like cannoli:

and ricotta-filled cakes

and ricotta cheesecake

or a cassata siciliana (I don’t make these myself since they take hours, I get them from Brunetti’s)

even a damned ricotta sandwich, which is how I usually use up the leftover ricotta after buying some for making any of the above. I like it with tomato and mustard (preferably truffle mustard, as pictured). Mmm….

Update: There was a third one I forgot all about (that makes twice now) – oysters. Lovely, slippery, salty fresh oysters swimming in lemon juice. God yes.

When this baby’s out of me, I’m eating a whole dozen. Hell yeah.

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