Crafting, renovating, sleeping

Been busy renovating and being pregnant. Lots of sleeping. But loads of my friends are also making babies lately, so it was time to make a round of paper bunting.

The recipients seemed happy…

And it’s been birthday season, too, so I had to make some random weird craft as well. For instance:

In this case, I had an awesome tin, which was insisting — nay, demanding — that I make it into something more permanent. Luckily, the friend I gifted this creation to thought it was hilarious (as intended) and not super-weird (which would have made me sad)

I also made a toy for the baby (below left) and a cross-stitch for a friend with one of her favourite phrases on it (well, it used to be one of them, when we were 17, anyway):

I put it in a nice frame for her and everything.

She laughed so hard when she saw it, and then said, in a shocked sort of way, “wow — did you make that?”

I asked her where the hell I could have bought it, if I hadn’t.

She said it’s going straight in the pool room.

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One Response to Crafting, renovating, sleeping

  1. Prue says:

    Hehehe that cross stitch present was priceless! As was her reaction.

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