I miss these things: the sweets edition

So, I already covered all the savoury things that I’m missing now that I’m up the duff. Here are the sweets.

Tiramisu. Specifically, my mum’s. But mascapone’s a no-go, booze is a no-go, and anything more than about a day old is a no-go (and, as everyone knows, tiramisu tastes best when it’s at least a day old).

A soft-centred chocolate pudding. I make a GREAT one; but that soft centre includes not-quite-cooked eggs. Which are a no-no for pregnant ladies.

And speaking of uncooked eggs and chocolate:

Chocolate mousse. Preferably with booze in. God, do I want this so much.

I would also accept it in cake form.

Now, much like sushi in my previous post on things I am hanging out to eat, this last one’s mostly here just because I can’t have it.

Yep, lemon meringue pie. I can’t have it because of the uncooked egg in the meringue part. I’m not even that fond of it, but I damned-well want some. And this goes for anything with meringue icing on it, such as delicious delicious cupcakes.

Nom nom nom nom.

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