I miss these things

I’ve had a really very easy pregnancy so far, for which I am extremely grateful. No nausea or morning sickness, no weird cravings or extreme mood swings, and all the tests and scans have all come back completely healthy and good. All in all, I am exuding thanks to the universe.

But the food restrictions are getting on my nerves. Here are some of the things that I am hanging out for.

A runny egg in some form. Preferably in a dodgy egg and bacon sandwich made by a woman who calls everyone “darl” before succumbing to a smoker’s cough,  in a place that smells like grease.

Other sandwiches I am hanging out for include a rueben:

Now, I’ve never even had a proper rueben, but I’ve always meant to. I may hate it (doubtful, since everything in it sounds good) but I am hanging out for one all the same.

Next: some sort of smoked salmon and cream cheese combination. A bagel would be awesome — a real, boiled, chewy one — but I’d take a whole plate of the crostini above (mostly, the pic was too hungry-making not to share).

Add a runny egg and some hollandaise (a triple combo of forbidden foods) and I’d be in heaven.

I am also hanging out for pre-prepared salad-y things, like at my local middle eastern place, where they fill their entire front window full of tabouli and other amazing colourful salads every morning. The plates I normally get look a bit like this:

Except ditch the tzatziki (I’m allergic to yoghurt) and replace it with taramasalata; and lose the boring green salad and replace it with this amazing garlic-y potato salad they do. My stomach has just started growling, thinking about it.

Unfortunately the whole lot is a listeria risk.

As is basically anything you’d find on an antipasto platter.

So we’re talking deli meats, soft cheese and any dip or other non-preservative laden prepared food that’s more than a day old. God, I could go some salami. Just average, supermarket-deli quality salami.

Well, just you wait, stomach. 20 more weeks-ish and you’ll get all the listeria you can eat.

Pate is a double risk, because it’s very high in vitamin A (a no-no for pregnant women) as well.

Mmm, pate.

I could also do with a rare steak.

Innards: Perfect Medium Rare

This one looks a bit fatty, but you get the idea. Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/sifu_renka/

All meat products I eat now have to be well cooked … and I hate well-cooked red meat. Give it to me bleeding any day. I have been having to trick myself lately to get it down, by hiding it under various sauces, because it just tastes like cardboard to me now and I really, really have trouble eating it. The other day, I ended up wrapping every bite of roast in lettuce. Worked ok.

Hanging out for sushi too. Now, I need to highlight at this point that I don’t even particularly like sushi. I can take it or leave it, and I often leave it, since, being usually MSG-tastic, I may be allergic to it (I think, like sour cream, I used to be allergic to it, but appear to no longer be).

But, the fact that I can’t eat it makes me want it. It’s the only item one on this list that I am looking forward to eating just because I haven’t been able to, but that doesn’t make it any less valid, GODDAMIT.

Dessert may have to go in a separate post. Too depressed and hungry now.

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