Beci Orpin cushion

I made a cushion!

Beci Orpin did these kits last Christmas for Sportsgirl. I tried to buy one online but they sold out by the time I heard about them. However, in the end, I picked one of these $30 kits up for $7 in the post-Christmas sales, so a loss turned into a gain, especially since $7 wouldn’t even have covered the cost of all of the embroidery cotton that came with it, much less the rest of the materials.

The one I got had Orpin’s Bear design on it. Here it is half embroidered:

And done.

It came with a cushion filler and everything.

The back (those printed dots made the fabric all stiff and hard to get the needle through, incidentally):

Next stop, every other damned craft project I’m halfway through and need to finish before the baby arrives…

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2 Responses to Beci Orpin cushion

  1. Prue says:

    That’s a lovely cushion Lisa! And a bargain to boot. I’ve been sewing patchwork ones which range from pretty cool to unfit for human consumption beyond the limits of my home. Munted or merry, they’ve all taken up residence on the couch (pics on the no drink blog, maybe if I drunk stitch them they’ll be better.)

  2. I saw them! They look good!

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