Ludicrous 80s movies

We have watched some truly terrible 80s movies lately. See, we get really irritated when we watch a contemporary movie and it turns out to be shite, but when we watch a crappy 80s one, somehow that’s just funny. Particularly if it’s sci-fi/fantasy.

Lately we seem to have been upping the ante, however. Here are some of the recent “highlights” (term used loosely).

Krull. You’ve never heard of it for a reason. But it does have a young Liam Neeson AND a young Robbie Coltrane doing some very wooden acting. And the mum from Dune.

Then there was The Ice Pirates, featuring giant space herpes, and Angelica Houston’s talents being wasted horribly. Oh, and the guy who plays Hellboy. Three words: just don’t bother. Not even for the giant space herpes.

This next one was nowhere near as unbearable as I expected. I actually quite enjoyed it, really, which is more than I can say for most films I fish out of a bargain bin at the newsagent’s. It’s also the only one in this post that I think I could bear to watch again. I bring you, Cherry 2000, which, incidentally, is down for a remake. Look out for Laurence Fishburne featuring for about 90 seconds in one of his first roles.

I can’t say anything good about this last one, The Last Starfighter, though. See for yourselves.

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