Caramel quince tarts

I poached a whole lot of quinces the other day (I bought a kilo bag at the Flemington market last weekend) and decided that I couldn’t just eat them all plain. So I started thinking about things I could do with them. And I decided some quick mini quince and caramel tarts were in order, since I had all the other ingredients at hand.

I used Careme’s vanilla bean shortcut pastry, which I had waiting in the freezer for just such an impulse (I am obsessed with Careme pastry, it is so much better than ordinary frozen pastry, I’m not sure I can go ever back).

Somehow, I mostly only have ridiculous novelty cutters (for instance) but no plain round ones, so I just cut the pastry with a sharp glass that was vaguely the right size.

Tartlets need to be blind baked — I guessed 15 minutes at 180 degrees, but they came out just a bit too brown. 12 minutes probably would have done it.

As usual, I forgot to put baking paper in between the baking beans and the pastry, and then, as usual, I regretted it later when we had to pick them out one by one.

After we’d done that, it was just a matter of spooning the caramel into the tarts

I used the caramel that I also bought the other week at the Flemington market from Caramelicious

(Incidentally, while googling “caramelicious” I discovered that there’s a kind of marijuana named it. Dear, dear, dear.)

Then, a little bit of quince went on top of each

And they went back into the oven for 8 minutes, this time at 150 degrees.

Nom nom nom nom.

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