Market weekend part 2 – Flemington

After going to Finders Keepers yesterday, I went to the Flemington market today. It was a very market-y weekend.


Lady spinning!!

French caramel man!! I confess some of his caramel made it home with me…


This one has pantaloons!!!

And the dude totally put them on children’s HEADS (this is MY PLAN)

Also, cupcake! With tiny, soggy oreo on it!

I confess that, unlike yesterday, I did buy a number of things today. Lots of gorgeous fruit (including quinces), olives, soap.

Today’s market was way less crowded than Finders Keepers but that was a good thing in my book. I ate a corn fritter thing. It had a dodgy band playing 90s covers and was much harder to get to that Finders Keepers, but it was a lot more authentic, old-school market-y (one of my companions suggested it had a touch of the Country Women’s Association about it — I like that).

But it’s way too far away from me to go to regularly. Ah well…

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