Market weekend – Finders Keepers

Had a bit of a market weekend. Went to Finders Keepers yesterday

It was pretty packed

Made590 were very recognisably there

Speaker suitcases by Son Valise!

Etsy were there for some reason (isn’t the point of them that they’re ONLINE?). I think I would have preferred Regretsy

But I love the old exhibition buildings so much

Click for a bigger view

And they gave me chocolate at the lomo stand

I think my favourites were the cushions from Herbert and Friends but I was too shy of the beardie man behind the counter to ask if I could take pics, so you’ll just have to go to their site yourself.

I didn’t actually buy very much; somehow everything was cool but nothing I wanted to take home. I did get some tiny toys to go into terrariums from Love and Clutter, though.

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