Sweet Crumble

I made it to Sweet Crumble again, after my failed attempt a few weeks ago.

While the macarons were first rate, the cupcakes were a bit plain and I couldn’t find any cake pops, which I had been looking forward to. OUTRAGEOUS. Ah well, I’ll just have to make some of my own!

I may have just missed the cake pops, however, as I took one look at who else was in the store and decided to get in and get out as soon as possible, as it was crammed with children (must be fertility drugs in the water in Malvern).

Now, I don’t mind children, but not when they’re high on sugar and screaming and running around a small space that really wasn’t designed for it. The woman in front of me at the counter had four in tow, all under the age of five, and all of them were extremely naughty.


There were also surly teenagers there with posh mums. I didn’t care much for them either, because they never seem to care that their enormous schoolbags/legs are in people’s way.

My visit was also marred by the bloke who served me, as he didn’t really know how to use the till. In fact the service wasn’t great, in general; but then, perhaps they’ll get better at it (or maybe they, too, were troubled by the screaming children and surly teenagers).

I was also a little confused as to why they gave me a huge four-cupcake box when I only bought two… and then put my macarons in a separate bag. There was plenty of room in that box! See:

When I brought the box back to the office, a colleague was very impressed with the packaging — but I had to tell her that it just reminded me of Laduree, in Paris

But Sweet Crumble aren’t the first French-style goodie-store in Melbourne to take their cue from the great French patisseries. La Belle Miette does it too, for instance. And really, it does all look very nice.

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