Baked lemon doughnuts

I made baked lemon ricotta doughnuts using this recipe the other day.

This was unusual only because the recipe uses yeast, and I gave up on trying to cook with yeast years ago. It has just never worked for me in the past.

Then after much googling, I came to the conclusion that in the past,  I’ve probably  overprooved the various doughs the first time round, leaving nothing for the second prooving, so I had been looking out for a recipe to try. I thought I’d make hot cross buns for easter, but when I saw the doughnut recipe, I thought “why not?”.

But see how the filling looks too runny? It is. They said to add the juice of an entire lemon to 125g of ricotta, which sounded much too much to me but I did it anyway. And it went runny. I need to trust my instincts.

Trust my instincts AND remember that anything NOT done by the Women’s Weekly is NOT Triple Tested For Guaranteed Results™ and this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Bloody things.

Either way, I didn’t stuff up the prooving:

They were fine, but didn’t have enough filling, as per previous explanation, which left them a bit bland and dry; so I pried open the rest of them:

And crammed the hell out of them with jam. Which worked ok, even though they burst a bit.

I won’t be making them again, but I’m over my fear of yeast and feel up for trying hot cross buns this easter 🙂

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