Frustrated crumble dreams

 So, I’ve been dying for Sweet Crumble to open. The sneaky buggers had a “trial” opening on 29 Feb, but we missed it, and hearing about it the next day, me and a friend hopefully trudged up to Glenferrie Road, just to find it…

…not open at all. Just taunting us with their delicious-looking window display and gorgeous boxes. And French set-up.

But it was fine, because we went to the slightly less-trendy-looking-but-still awesome “Macaron“, which is found in the next block. And while I was happy to eat macarons, it was really Sweet Crumble’s house-made marshmallows that I was excited about — so imagine how happy I was to see that Macaron had some too??

They were fucking awesome. Particularly the passionfruit one.

I’m pretty sure house-made marshmallows are the next macarons. You read it here first.

I’m going to try my hand at them, anyway. Stay tuned to see how they go 🙂

As it is, apparently Sweet Crumble opened properly today. I might have to try and make it out there again. For, you know, research.

UPDATE: I went!

UPDATE: They closed down! Ah well. 

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