Melbourne city rooftop honey

I love the concept behind Melbourne City Rooftop Honey. They put hives on rooftops in urban areas, to try to help increase our local bee population, and they organise everything. Bees in other countries are in trouble, and without bees pollenating crops, the human race is in big trouble.

I thought about having honey bees myself — finally, a sure way to make sure the damned veggie patch had enough pollenators, so I wouldn’t have to pollenate the flowers myself — but the idea of being stung (and all beekeepers get stung) put me off.

Anyway, lots of restaurants in Melbourne have jumped on board, and offered their roofs for hives. The idea of their own hyperlocal honey seems to really appeal. As it should — how awesome!

The organisation had a stall at The Richmond Weekender yesterday, with tastings of honey all over Melbourne. I liked the Northcote, and the Bourke Street, and the Carlton ones the best. It was amazing how they all differed from each other; and how much the summer honeys differed from the spring ones. I loved it 🙂

They also had test tubes of honey for sale, to raise money (and awareness) for their project.

I got a Prahran one 🙂

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