CWA Fair, and the Richmond Weekender

I am very proud of yesterday’s haul:

Today was the Country Women’s Association fair, and the first day of the Richmond Weekender. Most of my haul’s from the fair – lemons, pears, tomatoes, strawberries, cordial, cupcakes and scones; and some gorgeous olives from a lovely lady. All so cheap I feel like I robed the little old ladies. Mwahahahaha.

I’ve popped into the CWA fair every year for the last few years, because I just love its very existence. I had a sausage in bread and went to all the stalls, furtively checking out all the old ladies (including the one at the gate, who had a lovely granny-square blanket over her knees to warm her in our cold, rainy autumn day), feeling a bit like an explorer.

They didn’t try to recruit me this year, but then, I did sort of dart about under my brolly and then quickly leave; I don’t suppose I gave them time.

I dashed to the Richmond Weekender after that (and by “dashed”, read “drove carefully through the rain”). I’m pretty sure that the site is in Burnley, not Richmond, but that’s by the by.

As I can understand, the “weekender” is a temporary market/cafe/moonlight cinema concept thing, which they’re doing in the former Channel 9 studios on weekends in March, before they start turning the building into apartments.

As you can see, it has one of my favourite things on a building — writing.

I’m not sure if they just decided to make use of the space in a trendy way or if it’s a way of promoting the development. Or a bit of both. Either way, I think it’s a good idea.*

Now, I had been looking forward to it, but the Homemaker’s Market (that’s what they’re calling the market at the “weekender”), was smaller than I expected, without much I was tempted by. It was a bit of a hodge podge and I think they need a few more stalls, to help it all come together. And some better lighting.

Everything at the cupcake stall by Sticky Fingers Bakery looked great (although I’d already bought some cupcakes at the CWA so I regretfully left the Sticky Fingers ones where they were)

Non-creepy cymbal-playing monkey!!!!!!!

My favourite, though, was the stall that Melbourne City Rooftop Honey put on; I thought they deserved their own separate honey post.

I quite liked the way they covered up the ugly temporary fencing around the site (UPDATE: Have since found out this bit was courtesy of Glasshaus, who I have mentioned before)

I also liked these happy chappies, who were hanging out on a neighbouring porch.

But, if I’d been the organisers, I would have gone around the surrounding streets and taken these flyers down

* In some European countries, vacant buildings are regularly put to community use, which I think is a good thing. Sites that aren’t being used, but are just sitting around, even if it’s just while development permits are being organised, make me sad and angry when there are homeless people, and people struggling to find rental accommodation where they want to live, and artists and other creative types who can’t find affordable studio or exhibition space.

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